How to start an online business for Full time job.


I plan to start an online business, but I have a full time job. Is it possible?

Some employees started an online business while they have a full-time job to augment their income.

Managing two works in a day is challenging for you because the number one reason is your time. You have 24 hours every day, and you sleep for at least 6 hours to recharge and be productive again. So If you have 12-hour work plus the transportation time, then you have six hours left.
What if you have a child to take care of.? Quality time is priceless for him, but also you have to feed him according to your desired comfortable life.

I have published post about of how to manage time between your business while working full time job. It is a basic tips that you can follow to succeed in your business.

If you get one, then you can start now.

Hello, it is me! Eileen, and welcome to my blog 🌸

This website specializes in how to start up the business for beginners and educate them to be financially independent.

online business for fulltime job

Today is your chance to grab the opportunity because you can manage your regular job while taking a side hustle. The popular today is a venture in online business.

Online business is selling your products and services using the internet.

You can read my post the lists of online business you can start today and look if your desired digital products are including in my list.

Even you have this kind of online business remember, it is best you have basic knowledge in entrepreneurship. It is the first step because it will give you the chance to succeed.

Business Ideas

Before you start a business, you have an ideas of your product. It is the basic knowledge on how it beneficial to your target market.

To get a source of your business ideas, you have to know yourself first.

So for you, easy to understand yourself, get a piece of paper, and write what you feel and what comes to your mind.

Do you like to bake? 

If you think about selling personal items to your colleague during break time, then why not?

In this pandemic, the consumers need alcohol, tissue, face mask, and face-shield for protection.  Then why not sell it online? This market needs basically of what customers want, sell it.  

Write off what you think.

To the newly entrepreneur who learning the ropes of the business, it is best to focus on one product or service. Study it. If you succeed, then it is time for you to add another one.

Once you have a product or service, then the next step is to prepare the bueprint, your business plan.

To give an example, you plan to build a house. You have to look for an architect because they are the one who give you an estimate cost of your house. They create a blueprint of your house model.

To create a business plan, you have to gather information of your product or service. This is in the form of google in the net, talking to experienced people, and networking to your fellow organization.

online busainess

Brainstorming of your Ideas

To start online business, you have to brainstorm your business ideas.

So how to begin with?

Once you have finish to gather information, then you have to analyze if your information really match your ideas.

You can pre-screen off what you have written about the ideas. 

Write an outline saves your time. To give you an idea, below are the possible question to give you guide during brainstorming your ideas.

First, what are the problems of your community that might your products help them?

Have you encountered problem that you wish for giving solution?

From your lists, is your passion? Are the product market needs?

Some full-time jobs started as their passion, and later on, they monetize and build a team. 

Passion is you happy doing it without looking for a profit. You have a passion for baking that every day-off, consistently bake cookies for your loved ones. When someone encourages you to start a baking business, then it is your time to shine.

To succeed in brainstorming your business ideas,

When you done your work, it is time for yourself to take relax your mind. Too much giving in information in your head result of less creativity. Watch Netflix of your favorite movie or play with your puppy like what I am doing. It will help you calm your mind, release stress, and motivate again.

Ask the help of your colleagues by giving an honest opinion about your business plan. Listen to their advice on either positive feedback or constructive criticism.


Like in the traditional, online business needs an attention to sell your products. While gather the information needed, you have to detailed from how to make a product, market to your customers, and deliver it without hassle.

How to research your products? 

Your friend google net, the business owners, the opinions of your colleagues, your friends, and your families are your guide to help with your decisions.

To get an idea of your competitors and the target market, you need to go with their websites and observe their brand. Assess yourself and your passions and compare if you need improvements.

When I wrote my blog on a free WordPress site, I am planning to earn money from the blog. But I find it too slow to make money. So I tried another product that will give me a profit immediately. But I am going back to my passion, and today I am happy about the result.


Do you have an available equipment and tools for your baking?

Do you have a laptop for blogging?

These are the sample questions to consider when you wanted to open an online business.

Resources are the items you have to use for your online business.

Do not discourage if you have none, for as long you have a resourceful person, then be it.


Ask yourself, what skills you have?

If you love baking and you have a baking skill, then you can start today by making a small step.

Some enthusiast does not have a skill in selling products. The question, are you willing to improve for your dream goal?

Skills are something you can do to be an expert.

Traits of an entrepreneur

Before you start an online business, you should know the different traits of an entrepreneur.

It is advisable for the business because it reflects your branding and your personality towards your product.

Motivation, flexibility, resourceful, early on time, and discipline are one of the sample traits you have developed on your job that you will apply on your business.

READ MORE: How to start a business.

I made it!

My blogging business is only the beginning.  I have an enormous challenge that only I know.  Until now, I am struggling for my time management,  accept criticism, and learn to stand up my principles against the close-minded people.

I am happy; I have started my online business while I have a workday job.

For starters, do not jump fast to sell or open up your online business. ” 

 For me, the foundation to succeed in your online business while working workday job are your branding, knowledge, and traits of an entrepreneur

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