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time management

Have you started a side hustle while working your full-time job?

This is challenging for beginners because you have two jobs in a day. If you are in the skeletal workforce, even if you think you have a time for your side hustle, you will realize you do nothing for a day. You feel stuck on your full-time job without progress on your side hustle.

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What’s wrong no progress for them? Time management is important for beginner. It is between working full-time job and at the same time work on your side hustle.

Even you are working 4x a week, it is your bread and butter. You have to work quality results or else your boss notice your poor performance.

As much as possible everyday, after you do your full time job even in a limited time, you have to set aside at least 2 hours of you side hustle. To understand better, compute your 2 hours for 4 days- working hours then you have 8 hours which equals to one day job.

I remember my first time to work side hustle, I did not give a minute of my busy day. I learned that unacceptable reason because consistent writing the secret of success of my business.

Side hustle is a part time job you do outside of your work in a flexible schedule. Examples are freelancing, online selling or creativity art like painting.

side hustle

Know your why

What is the reason why you need additional job?

In my past few years, I felt bad for myself because I did not do anything for my blogging. So I thought it is not meant for me. Only I realized I do not know my why I want to monetize my blog. What I know before, I loved to write. What is inside my heart, I get a pencil and put my ideas into writing. I had a plan to monetize but I hate to pressure myself to consistent write my blog. Now, because of this pandemic results of skeletal workforce, I wanted to back my previous plan. And that is pay my freelancing blogging service. I wanted to buy my condo and live independently.

Set a Goal Plan

Setting a goal plan for your job and to your side hustle results of quality time management.

Goal Plan helps you of what will be your priority. It helps you of when to start and when to stop. How long will it take to accomplish your goal.

As a new blogger with full-time job, consistency is the key to go to next level. Publish in your website at least once a week or 4 post for a month.

Change your mindset

To get a quality time management, you have to change your mindset.

When you work for your side hustle, you have to change your perspective from employee to entrepreneur’s mindset. You have to think that you need to return of your investment in a short period of time.

My website cost of P 2,300.00 and my mobile accessories cost of P2,200. To keep in my mind to return of my investment, I disciplined myself to consistent of writing for preparation of freelancing. I join the affiliation marketing and promote the merchant’s products in exchange of commission. From passion to write a blog, I change my mindset that I need to return my investment to keep my freelancing going.


Once you have a plan and change your mindset, it is easy for you to create a schedule for your everyday activities.

How to start your scheduling?


  • You have a pencil and paper
  • A planner, a journal for your assessment and final thoughts
  • A calendar : digital or physical calendar
  • Tracker sheet to track your performance

A day in your workday life

  • Start your day in a regular job. You have to work hard and give quality result for your company
  • If you have a family to feed and care, do your commitments. After all, they are more important.
  • And last, before going to sleep, give an hour or 2 for your side hustle. A big step begin in a single step.

If you in skeletal workforce, (do the job 3x a week)

  • Normal work for freelancing is 40 hours work week. If you have 8 hours after work, it means you have 32 hours remaining in your 4 days. You can work up to 12 hours a day to achieve your time goal.
  • If you have still single and no responsibilities to care of, you can add another side hustle. While you are still young, and enjoy your work at home career.

Time Management will be efficient and effective if you have exit strategy. It will ensure if you making a progress or not.

Monthly, and Daily activities

To schedule your monthly activities, list the possible events, trainings, meet ups.

I have a planner for my final events (with image)

I use my daily to do list on my google calendar. (with image)

I use my google notes for the lists of ideas and keywords for my blogging. (with image)

Less stressful, and pressure of my work so that is why I focus the quality of time to my blogging.

To market your product or services in social media, the Facebook and the Pinterest has it’s scheduled of when to publish. I use the app Hootsuite to schedule my Twitter and Linkedln post. So far, it gives me pleasant quality time to do another task for my blogging.

Track your Progress

To track your progress, go back to your daily to do list and monthly activities and find out of what events are not finish. Look if it is still important then continue to do on next month until it is finish to do.

This is important for full-time job with a side hustle because of dividing your focus, you have to list the activities and track if you really follow it.

A few months when we go back to normal work, 6 days a week, I cannot track my progress because of time alloted in my day work. So when I came home, do other commitments, and tired to continue my blogging. When I had a time on my day-off, I look at my time plan and too bad, I did not finish at all. The outcome, I only do the two publish post in a month.


This is the last steps you take if you manage your time well working full day job while do the side hustle afterwards.

If you feel pressure of your works, I advice you to choose your bread and butter job because it is still your regular job. You can be fulltime and start a business when you have enough money to sustain you if your side hustle not well.


It feels good if you have a side hustle because you a time to make your own decision. Without a boss. It gives you additional income to augment the expenses. You can see your children while they are taking care of your babysitter. You can do this well if you manage your time well and spend your activities wisely.

To achieve this, you have to know your reason why you want to get freelancing. Set a goal plan, change it to entrepreneur’s mindset, and do the scheduling. Always track your progress if you follow your time schedule and make an assessment once it is done.

From physical to digital will help you to track your time. It is not easy to divide your time between the two even you are in skeletal waorkforvce. Your work will be easy if you have a time plan to lists your activities and gives you another quality time for yourself and for your loved ones.

Finances are your cash, investments, and protections that you need to manage it well to avoid negative cash flow and charges.

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