5 Simple Holiday Business Ideas for your Budget

Holiday Business Ideas

In this coming Christmas season, Filipinos are thinking and research the holiday business ideas that fit their budget.

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Filipinos loved to celebrate the simple yet memorable experience.

  • Family gatherings
  • Sing a Christmas songs
  • Prepare for the theme parties

The best part of the party event will not end if no exchange of gifts.

If you have time, why not grab a movie ticket and enjoy the company of your family?

But wait, did we encounter the worst pandemic outbreak?

Today, with the high rate of jobless Filipinos, they will experience a lonely Christmas. It is because we will not practice the Filipino Culture of simbang gabi, stroll outside the mall, and limit the Christmas shopping.

The Filipinos are resilient. Instead, thinking about the holiday business ideas to earn extra income.

If you feel that starting a business today will not work out, think of during Mother’s Day celebration last May when we experienced an Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) in the whole Philippines. This won’t stop to celebrate with a simple cake give to their mothers. That is the spirit of compassion and love from others.

Grab the opportunity and let your passion and skills know the holiday business ideas this coming Christmas season.

Anyone can start a simple business from cooking, art, and digital. This simple business helps to augment additional income and get a big dream soon.

It is best to start today for worth a good reap tomorrow.

Five simple holiday business ideas

Holiday Business Ideas

This is it.

I will share with you the five simple holiday business ideas that can afford to your budget.


It is the best and simple holiday business idea.

Filipinos loved eating foods with family. They consist of immediate members together with extended family members and your cousins who happen to your neighbors.

With the number of people join you, preparing the dish for meals and wash the plates alone is tremendous.

They do not have time to prepare and cook foods for their parties, so they hire a cook.

Copy Image from Pexel Free Photos

More opportunities come along for selling foods:

Catering is in demand nowadays. If you have extensive experience in cooking foods for gatherings, you can try to apply in the catering business.

Baking like muffins, cupcakes, and brownies are one of the simple and easy holiday business ideas you can start today. The first thing to do is you have an oven, cups and spoon measurement, and baking skills. You can start today by giving a free taste to your loved ones in exchange for an honest review.

No cooking skills? Worry no more. You can start selling foods by looking for a supplier that fits your market and your budget. Be a retail food seller. You can choose food products and sell them by word of mouth or post on a social media platform.

Customized Christmas Gift

Have you heard in the news that some skilled people create a face shield made in bamboo?

You can create it too. This simple holiday business idea fits for those who lost a job, and they have a creativity skill.

In this time of uncertainty, what is certain is we are rich in natural resources, and so we are lucky to use it wisely. Use the artistry skills you have.

Personalized Earring, bracelet, and Scented candle might want you to consider a business idea fit for your budget.

If you have enough money and digital skill, then you can customize mugs or T-shirts for corporate parties and events.

Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in partnership with Negosyo Center, urges Filipino proprietors to create a unique product made of local to help the low-income class families. You can take part in by visit to the nearest place.

Digital business (Ads, Blog, Vlog)

In this incoming holiday season, this is the simple business idea that fits my budget. I proudly say I belong here.

I started as my hobby that every time I feel writing, I put my ideas in my old WordPress site. It turns into a passion until I decided to monetize my blog. I bought domain NameCheap and web hosting Interserver.net. It will renew yearly for my website lensorongon.com 

If you have digital marketing skills and a laptop, you can be a freelancer. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest earn a side hustle by creating ads. You look for a client who does not have time in creating a marketing strategy for their company or an individual who needs your skill. 

Same with the blog, which you can start today. Write content, publish on the website, and share it on your social media accounts. 

Love in front of the camera?

Why not make a vlog and create video content for this holiday season?

If you love to travel locally and food trip, you can vlog where to go this holiday season. 

You can also make video content at the local places and abroad.

When this tourism in other places travel freely, create vlog by share the experience from the food, culture, and the preparation for the first-time traveler.

Namecheap New Business Hub – best offers for digital entrepreneurs

Host or collaborate with other musicians.

Once the pandemic will be over this December and can gather for a special event, you can showcase your skills as a singer or be a host.  If not, you can collaborate with other musicians online.

Fortunately, Filipinos who work abroad and earn a lot of money for they are happy seeing their family happy.

I have seen in my Facebook newsfeed that some of my Fb friends collaborate with other talented singers. If you want to earn money, sign- up for YouTube and share it on your social media accounts. Tell your friends to subscribe and share it.

Retailer Online Seller

Filipinos loved a one-stop-shop such as foods, RTW’s, real estate agents. That is why many online sellers sell different varieties of products to satisfy the needs of their buyers.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly business idea, you can start as an online seller.

A consistent post product, tag your FB friends, and your desire to gain a profit would be your success in your business.

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Christmas is fast approaching.

In times of the pandemic, we think positively that the company will survive until the end-of-year. So preparing for this season, we think about the simple holiday business ideas that fit the budget. You can choose the five simple holiday business ideas. Start now! To reap your fruits of labor tomorrow.

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