8 Things in starting a Blog and make money quick.

Do you have writing skill to start a blog and make money soon?

Absolutely! You can achieve it quickly.  

What is a blog?  It is your published post that you give a specific topic in which you are interested in writing. 

It is likely in personal form and most of your content related to your personal experience (diary, journal).

If you become a professional writer someday, blogging is your first step.

In my blogging journey, I love teaching people on how to be financial independent fast by starting a business. That is why I am writing about how to start a business and personal finance. 

If you have a passion and skill in writing, then create a blog, and include it in your list this 2021. 

It is also suitable for regular jobs by starting a side hustle. Why? starting a blog and make money quick gives me a flexible time be in the my breaktime or after work.

For those who start blogging, not only writing skills, but you need to think and act like an entrepreneur. If you are thinking of earnings without passion for writing, then you will not succeed.  It is because blogging is a type of service to help your readers solve their problems.  Be in a conversational, on opinion, in depth-research, or interviews with people. 

It also delivers with emotion, which depends on your topic. 

Let’s take an example: you write a blog about debt. Your mission is to tell your reader that it is not good to borrow money in unnecessary things.   Then list the negative impact, so it will discourage the readers borrow money.

How to start your Passionate blog and make money quickly?

I will give you the eight things you can do and follow them seriously.  

  • Know yourself –

To start your blog and make money quick is to know yourself.

I give you the five top things to know yourself first before creating the website.

Change your mindset into entrepreneurial thinking. You can do it by studying your personality, values to influence people, and your compassion to work. 

It also includes your niche, time plan,  blog goals, skills, and entrepreneur’s mindset.  

blog and make money

#1. Find your Niche in a blog

The basic step to start a blog and make money quick is to find your niche.

Niche is a specific topic you write in your blog with good writing skills and blog to make money quick.

Let’s say your friend encourages you to write a blog and earn a buck in a short period.  In your paper, you write what you love most:

You love to write about motivation, the food, and travel places. You love taking care of your child and gets excited to spread the word.  And also enthusiastic to write about your work, and the company. 

These are your blogs and excited to write. Because you have various interests, the result is you do not have a clear mission of why you write a blog.  

Finding your niche is the first step to question yourself why you create the blog.  Honestly, it is a challenging part for a blogger because reader have different problems they face that are not the same in your writing. 

Here is my blogging journey until I find my niche:

I love to write and it is my stress reliever. Every time I had business experience, I write on my WordPress site.

I also write the saving tips and budgeting for entrepreneurs in which based on my experience.

For five years of writing about business, and finance  I am happy and enjoy writing.  That is why lensorongon.com is born.

Who is my target audience?  From the keyword business and finance. I finally get a specific topic and that is “How to achieve financial independence fast by starting a business.”

2. Create a Time Plan for your blog and stick to it.

Below are the suggestions why necessary to create a time plan in starting a blog and make money

*To start a blog and make money quickly, you need to create a time plan.

*Plan of when to write and how often to publish your post. 

*Consistent posts to your website helps updated for your readers.

*Do not write when you feel it.  Your discipline, read, research, brainstorm your blog strategy, and create impressive content.

*Earning money in blogging takes time, and I can attest to it because this is my experience right now. 

How to create a time plan?

Write your blog goals.  Give a specific time of when to start and end your blog strategy.  Assess if you achieve your blog goal.

Be specific about your goals for a year and divide them into quarterly and monthly.

Write your theme for a month. Make theme as your main topic for a month.  Sample: this month, my theme is teaching a beginner on how to start a business. In next month, an entrepreneurs’ saving and budgeting tips before starting a business.

#3.  Write your blog goals.

Write your blog goals helps to give direction. 

To start with, use your SMART acronym.

SPECIFIC to your topic

Suppose you are starting a blog like how to start a business for beginners.

Since you are passion to write about agriculture and tourism business,

You can teach the readers on “How to start an agri-tourism business in the Philippines.”  The target markets are travel agencies, the resort owners, or the business farmers.


Giving a specific topic with a time frame helps to track your progress and get motivated.   

Sample: I will write a post on how to save an emergency fund for online entrepreneurs for the entire month.  To achieve the average 1,5000-word long-form-content, I will start by consistently writing at least 500 words every week.

From the sample above, you will create a 30-day blog plan about the said topic and track it weekly if you reach the 500-word.   When you see that you can do over 700-word, then you can change your blog goal next month until you achieve the long-form content. 

ATTAINABLE to achieve

Make sure your strategy is realistic and attain your blog to achieve it.

One of my published post, give comments and gained followers, excited to buy a website and earn from it.  Good thing it did not happen, or else I encountered a wrong business move.


Creating your blog should be relevant to your specific topic, vision, and mission.  It is because it informs the reader and keeps coming back to your blog.  As a result, it will eventually increase your views and turn into earnings.  


You need a target date for your blog so that you know your priority list and focus first on necessary things.  Create a long term to short term before writing the blog goal.    

#4. Skills

Another thing to consider in starting a blog and make money quick is to develop the blogging skill.

 Good writing is the first and most important skill because you often write a blog.  It is helpful for beginners who have limited resources. 

You have communication skills in starting a blog. Not only you do the research, but also you have to communicate well with the person who will benefit from your blog.

In starting a blog, you have a connection on your same interest for collaboration or someone mentoring you, and these people help you increase your views, and they guide you on how to succeed in your chosen field.  

Monetize your blog by sharing your content on different social media platforms.  For a beginner like you, be a social media manager on your blog site.  Consistent blog pos is part of social media strategists.    There are other apps to help you consistently share your various accounts. To get more clicks, write an awesome clickable to your audience.  How? Write it with a question.  Most of the time, graphics are a big help to click your post.  Another is to get their emotion by using emotional words.  

There are more skills you have to learn and develop.    For me, these four skills are essential in starting a blog and make money quickly.

#5 Entrepreneur’s Mindset

After you have to know your personality and your blog goals with the right skill, change your way of thinking like an entrepreneur. This is how to start a blog and make money.

It is challenging to combine with your passion because you love what you write, and at the same time, you have to find ways to increase views to earn.

It was in May 2020 I started to monetize it.  As I go along in my journey, I ask myself, is this right for me?  I need to earn for my side hustle.  On the other hand, I love to write, but I hate to polish my blog.  

With the help of my coach, she corrects my blog goals and the right mindset.  I still doubt my reason why I started this, but I know in time, it will be easy to make money quickly.

  • WEBSITE –  There are some small and mid-size businesses decided to shift selling products online and hire a freelancer. 

It is your chance to sell yourself as a blogger or put up a marketing agency and bid your projects to the clients.

You can create your portfolio on other referral sites such as your social media pages, medium, or your Pinterest.  

If you have a physical store versus direct selling, the latter is still a great advantage.  You have the same marketing strategy to increase your sales.  Why?  When you have a store, the walk-in customers will visit and see your products.  

Same with when you buy the website.  Your advantage is the more increase the views to your website. And also, the great chance extra income you will receive.  

#6 Buy a Domain and Web Hosting

Website has a great advantage for starting your blog and make money quickly.

  • Earn multiple income streams and fewer expenses.
  • You can start alone while increasing your blog views and growing your followers.
  • You can hire a freelancer to grow your blogging business.

Benefits of owning a blog site

You can use it as your portfolio.  Either as a freelancer or looking for a full-time online.

For 1,000 traffic views, you can earn as high as $5.

You can be a brand ambassador of other products which is inline with your blog post. 

You can earn various income such as affiliate marketing, product reviews, selling e-books, and coaching.

The website composes of the domain and web hosting, and platform.

The domain is your URL address and will be the first that reader look at it.  It also represents how your content can be on your webs.  

Take the example of my blog, lensorongon.com.  Well, it is my name, and it will represent my brand towards my blog site.  I bought my domain on Namecheap worth $8.88 for one year. 

On the other hand, Web Hosting is the body of the website.  A host in which store, and protect your files inside the website.  I purchased my web hosting on the interserver.net

#7 Choose your platform

I am writing my first blog on a Free Website: WordPress.

I also tried another platform like Blogger, Weebly, and Wix. Today I am stick to the favorite platform, the WordPress.

When I started a blog and make money, I purchased my domain and the web hosting to help my post rank in Google by the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The platform is the foundation of the website. There are different types of website platforms with unique uses for different customer’s preferences. That is why no comparison for all the platforms. You only have to know what you are selling, branding, and networking before buy the website.

According to Matthew J. Bellwood ( TMCnet.com Types of Website Platforms), he lists the different platforms and how it will benefit for your website.

  • WordPress – it is everybody’s favorite and for me, a good platform for starting a blog. They have also a self-hosted WordPress.org in which you can buy domain and webhosting outside their site. The advantage of you as blogger is you can start to introduce products from other people. You alone set up or hire a blogger who accepts the service as a WordPress Development. So you showcase not only your experience but improve of digital skill who needs your service.
  • Wix – is another website platform who use for personal touch. Not only as a blog, you can create an online store.
  • Weebly – is easy to use this platform that you can add new feautures without hassle.


#8 Find your mentor

The last but not the least is find the mentor to help your blog and make money quick. I can attest that because based on my experience, I achieve my desired blog business in less than a year. I started to earn money with the google adsense and I find a client in freelancing platform like Freelancer.

Just like in other business, they hire a consultant to give advise on how to grow their business. Same with your blog business, the mentor helps you to find your branding and how to succeed without a doubt. That is why I am thankful for her because I am here today and continue to pursue my business.

<𝐿𝑒𝓃 𝒮𝑜𝓇𝑜𝓃𝑔𝑜𝓃>

Hello, I’m Eileen, and thank you for visit my blog site. I hope you enjoy to read my content and I love feedback ❤️.

You can email me: lensorongon2021@gmail.com for anything question, concerns of how will I help you to address your financial status while looking for side hustle.

For more details, you can click my business profile.

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