7 Freelance Writing Service for a side hustle to achieve financial freedom

freelance writing service

Freelance Writing Service is a type of service in which you offer your writing skills to the company or individual.

If you are posting your blogs for years, you can start to monetize them by being a freelance writer.

Freelance Writer making their own schedule or according to your client’s availability. This will depend on your agreement and contracts.

Hello, I’m Eileen, and I am a content creator behind the LenSorongon.com

The topic that I will share with you is how to be a freelance writer.

How the blog site help you in a Freelance Content Writing

LenSorongon.com helps active earners to achieve financial independence by starting a business. And that is to retire early. You can be a side hustle, but it is challenging because of your time.  

Today, I will give you the six ways freelance writing services you can offer to the client. It includes how to start, skills needed, where to look for a client.

A reminder, educate yourself first is the ultimate guide to succeed. If you want a guide, let me help you. For now, enjoy reading first, and your feedback ❤️ is much appreciated. 

Freelance Writing has a broad array from your opinion going to professional writing.

If you are unsure of what freelance content writing you are interested in, let’s take first your inner self. This will clear your thoughts and avoid problems.

What’s the niche?

Do you have a bachelor’s degree?

Area of expertise you have today?

Are you a business-minded person?

Do you love selling products or services?

Are you enjoying convince people to buy your products?

If you answer this question, then you know what freelance content writing you want to offer.

For example, I answer the question above:

I graduated bachelor’s degree major in Management Accounting. My passion is finance, and I have background experience in the retail business. 

  I exposed the introduction of digital business by selling online products, blog, and create FB content for business and finance.  

Today, I back to employment, and my passion for writing is still in my heart. With my experience, I decided to help active earners like me to retire early and making wealth by starting a business.

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#1. Freelance Blogging

Today, most writers start blogging. A person who does not have a bachelor’s degree in journalism but loves to write. If you plan as your side hustle, this freelance writing service you fit with it!. This is for you, and I love to hear your comments. 😍

To start, write what’s on your mind and write a 500-word every week and consistent posting until you achieve it. It may be your lifestyle, food, travel, today’s mantra, or your emotions.

If you are making a blog and looking for money, I have a helpful published post.  

#2. Online Freelance Writer

This is a wide array of freelance writing services. You can write anything whatever clients want to do. Food, culture, finance, and information technology.

Today, with technology advancement, business owners turn to online business and so work remotely opportunity booming. The reason why they shift to write online.

An online writer who writes to informs, and educates the reader. He writes a long content form to engage the audience and get a volume of traffic views.


Another freelance content writing you can offer to a client is to be a copywriter.

A copywriter is the one who turned traffic views into leads. He has a persuasion skill to persuade the target audience result of purchase the products.

How the digital works in online business?  

A brick-and-mortar business owner wanted to increase sales thru online orders. He hired a freelance writer to write about his business, and introduce the product. A blogger makes a product review, while a copywriter, research his product and sell it on his website.  

It is in the form of Ads, Sales letters, Social media, and email campaigns.  

If you are interested and be a copywriter, look for a client who wanted to grow his business. It is either a one-time project, monthly, or a scheduled of six months project.

freelance writing service

#4. Technical Writer  

Another freelance writing service you will interest in is to be a technical writer.

Most of this in technical content writing service is a professional writer.  

They communicate through writing to understand the complex information.  

From the word, technical, these writers are on the programming and software from complex features break into easy guides.  

Most of the writers have a background in a bachelor’s degree. Today, more technical writers are not in their specialization field as long as they have strong writing, communication skills.

Not only in IT service, but also this technical writer found in Finance, Electronics, Robotics, Chemistry, Aeronautics, and Medical.

What does the Technical Writer do?

Develop Documents

User Manual


Some common types of content they create:

Social Media Posts

Press release

Web Pages

What are the skills needed before Freelance Writing Service?

Writing Skill

You have exemplary to write in the company or in the individual business owner.

Consistent writing and free from grammatical errors and sentences are the skills of a writer. If it is your first time writing, I used a powerful tool like Grammarly and Hemmingway App.  

Proofread and editing you need to consider. Tone, and format style which according to your clients 

For an online freelance writer, different writing styles for your different clients. 

Research Skill

A writer has research skills to get the right result for a target audience.

If you are a copywriter, you need complete research of your products you want to promote and sell.  

If you want to be a technical writer, this is your first step. Because you have to research the specialization topic and turn it into valuable content for a non-technical audience.

As a blogger, you still need to research from reliable sources because you have to prove your blogging based on facts with your personal opinion. If you love to write about traveling, a response like your images, ticket, and yourself in the photo. Many bloggers who used watermark on their photo to minimize stealing in the net.

#5. Marketing skill

If you want your writing skill and your passion for money, you have to market yourself to clients.

Honestly, this is my challenge but does not mean I give up.  

In a freelance writing service, you have to write good content and sell your products or service with confidence to yourself.

To give a heads up to your prospective client, consistently improving your writing skill and manage your time well.

In freelance writing service:

  • focus on selling to the target audience
  • Find your target audience 
  • know your products/service you are selling
  • deliver it to your audience

Even you are interested to be a professional writer, you still have to sell and find your market. Everyone freelance writing service is not exempted.  

The more you engage your audience, the higher volume of traffic views in which results in google optimizing your content, earn money in google Adsense, and joined in other multiple income streams.

#6. Digital Skill

Business owners shift in online business to widen their customers. Many freelances are work remotely to reduce costs and expenses.  

Same with the writer, you need to add to your skill to keep updated in the digital world like tools, apps, software, and google document used by the client.  


The skills above apply to all freelance writing services. The following skills are needed from other freelance writing which is not the same from some.

Persuasive skill –

As a freelance copywriter, you need a persuasive skill. This is to persuade your target audience to purchase your products. 

If you own a website and making money, regardless of your writing specialization, you have a persuasive skill to sell your products or services.

Technical Skill

For some big companies, they hire a technical writer with extensive technical job experience. Financial Analyst and Business Analyst are the samples

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