6 ways to earn money in a blog using WordPress site

Do you have a website and you are looking at how to earn money in a blog?

Blogging on starting a digital business, you learn how to create your website. You can also create an SEO-friendly both for your blog and images to add traffic views.

Hello, I am Eileen, and thank you for visiting my blog site. I create content for active earners who like to start a side hustle, and soon you can be an entrepreneur too! For details, click my business profile.

Retire early is the goal for everyone. You can achieve it fast by starting a business. For people writing on their blog site and finally monetize as their side hustle career. If you are zero experience, no worry because study your future business results in less cost and mistakes.

Below are possible ways to earn money in a blog. If you are excited, read my content below, and yes! email me if you have questions for FREE! sending me feedback is much appreciated! Enjoy your reading!

earn money in a blog

Ways to earn money in a blog

There are many ways to monetize your blog and earn bucks soon. If you do not have a website, you can start by purchase a domain and web hosting. You can create either on your platform or a self-hosted platform. So I recommend WordPress for it is a friendly website suitable for bloggers.

If you have no time to create, let me help you because I offer WordPress Website Development. You can link here.

For those who have a laptop and Wi-Fi, you can work at home.

If you have published content now, you can start to make money because
You have a portfolio for your prospective clients. That is why it has the advantage to buy a website and start earning money.


To earn money in a blog is simple and easy to achieve if you have these top four things in your strategy.

Consistent Writing:
You start blogging for several reasons. Of course, your love and passion are the main reason why.

Let me remind you to succeed in a blog is regularly publish your post on a website. Four published posts in a month are ideal for engaging an audience.

While you are monetizing your blog, you have to discipline yourself to write every day. Because if you are inactive, then one of your followers will eventually lose interest and unfollow you.

Always improve your skills.

Improve your writing skill, communication skill, and keep updated with your network. With the vast changing customer’s taste because of technology, you have to keep observe.

Increase Followers
Earn money in a blog, you have to build your followers from social media platforms.

Create your Business Strategy
In digital business, you have always changed your strategy because of now and then, changes in the environment that you cannot control. So you have to prepare a blogging business plan and strategize.

#1 Google Adsense

✓Google Adsense is an advertising program that was launched in 2003 by Google.

✓It is the fastest and easiest way to earn money in a blog.

✓Signing up for Adsense is free.

✓Google charges advertisers per ad click. The Publishers get 68% of the click amount.

How to earn money in Adsense?

What do you think it easy to earn in Google Adsense? Below are the reasons:

✓There are two ways you can earn money on your blog. The cost per click and the CPM.

How will differentiate from the two?

✓Cost Per Click – it is the amount you earn every time the visitors click the ad.

✓CPM stands for “cost per 1000 impressions.” For 1,000 impressions, you can earn $1 to $1.5. So if you have 50,000 views per day, you can earn $50.

How will it work together?

Google AdSense displays their ads on your blog.

If your visitors read your content and see ads display, then called a CPM. For 1,000 views on your page in a day, you will receive at least $1. If they click your advertisement, then you can earn called Cost per Click (CPC).

✓It is requisite to get a large volume of views to increase the traffic on your blog site.

✓If you are starting to create blogs, earn money in Adsense, they recommend at least 30 published posts.

How to gain traffic?
You have to love the topic you are writing about. That is why
know your niche to understand the readers of your blog, and they keep coming back.

Create more content on your blog site. If you have a Youtube account and earn money, then create more video content. Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google will optimize your content to the first rank.

You have a determination to reach your desired views to earn according to your financial goal.

#2 Content Writing Service

Another way to earn money in a blog is by offering a content writing service.

Most of the freelance writers belong in this category.
If you are blogging and looking for a side hustle, be a freelance writer.

How to start?

Your published blog is your portfolio.

If you are writing 800 words, make it a 2000-word count so that your prospective client will impress your portfolio.

Some freelancers work according to their scheduled time, and sometimes on the client’s time.

You can also create a project and look for a client who wants a project basis. Same with freelancers have flexible schedules. The difference, you can set a date to begin and to finish.

Writing skill is your foundation. Sometimes your client asks to write three articles in a day.

How much rate?

According to Philippine Writer’s Guild, for a new writer, a P1.00/word. If you have 2,000 words to submit, then you have earnings of P2,000. I saw on other groups that some clients offer a $4/hour. That depends on the client who gives you the task.

Where to look for a client?

Many freelance platforms you can apply to like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and Onlinejobs.ph. You can also look at JobStreet, and other social media platforms and one of them is Linkedin and Facebook.

Types of Content Writing Service

There are various content writing services you will offer to a client. The first thing you can do is to find your skill and target audience.

Content Writer

Copy Writer

Article Writer


Technical Writer

Social Media Content Writer

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#3 Digital Products

You can earn money in a blog by selling digital products.

Digital Products is a product that you can sell online without a physical store. From software, ebooks, photography, and online courses.

If you love taking photos or photography by profession, you can sell them on your blog site.

Some freelance writers write ebooks. If you are a beginner and interested in writing an E-book, you can do it. There is no harm in trying.

If you are a savvy techie in creating apps or software, you can do it also.

If one of your friends are selling their products, you can tell them. It’s up to you and your partner how much the commission you will get.

If you love teaching, you can create online courses based on your niche.

How much charge to rate? It depends on the outcome of your products. Even if you are new to digital products, the result appreciates the client you can charge according to your skill.

Like in the physical store, you need a marketing strategy and know your market.

Why is it important to buy a website?

Why do you need a website for selling products and write a blog?
It could help increase your traffic views on your website. Aside from your web content, a visitor also visits your website to purchase your products. If you sign up in AdSense, the additional income stream you received.

#4 Affiliate Marketing

If you love selling products of the company or person, it is another way to earn money in a blog.

You can be a publisher or an advertiser. For a stater, start as a publisher.

In affiliate marketing, you are a publisher who promotes the company’s products. You can also sell products to other individual people. If you make a sales, you can earn a commission between you and the advertiser.

In a digital world, you as an affiliate marketer is a salesperson. You are a brand affiliate of their products.

An affiliate marketer can sell unlimited products to different companies and the individual person.

How to become an affiliate marketer?

If you have a website and a niche, the first thing to do is study how to succeed in affiliate marketing.

Learn as a publisher and advertiser

Look for products that are similar to your blog. For example, you are a business blogger, and you can sell accounting software like FreshBooks.

Before you sell it, just like an entrepreneur, you should know the products you are selling. This way, you can promote it to your clients.

Join an affiliate program. Not an affiliate program is the same. Some are strict rules before they approve your website. Study well of what affiliate program you join. I join Shareasale and CJ affiliates company.

Your high-quality content to succeed in affiliate marketing. You have also consistently posted your blog at least once a week in long form-content.

Things to become an affiliate marketer.

The fact that it is difficult to sell. You have your business strategy to earn a commission.

Just like in other salespeople, as an affiliate, you need consistently promote your affiliate links in your social media accounts, website, and to your clients who badly need it.

#7 Coaching/ Consulting Services

Love to teach people by talking in front of them?

If you have guts in coaching, how to succeed in a blog, you can be the one.

It is not limited to bloggers only.

Some coaches prefer to own a youtube and two social media pages for engagement and sell their services. It depends on your goals, mission, skills, and your time on how to manage it.

How to start your coaching service?

Extensive working experience has a significant chance to start your consulting services.

You are building your team.

A freelance writer wanted to teach me how to start a blog.

An agent in financial services.

A training officer, a manager, or even an accountant can start a coaching service on their blog site.

Things to consider before starting coaching:

Like other jobs, a coaching career needs time and effort to succeed.

You have selling skills, accounting skills, and administrative skills to make your business flow smoothly and well managed.

If you love talking to people but hate to sell, you will not achieve why you started.

Always improve your personal growth and attend advanced courses for the latest trend to update your skills.

Personal branding because it dictates your content. It shows who listeners listen to your coaching. If you are a training officer, start making a personal branding before side hustle.

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