5 Strategies to Boost Seasonal Sales in a New Normal

How to boost seasonal sales

It’s November, and business owners prepared a strategy of how to boost seasonal sales. For Filipinos, the holiday starts every September. So you expect to hear those Christmas songs everywhere.

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, 55% of Filipinos shop in December, and 24% in November (Rappler, news). As you expect in the second week of December, many companies give a bonus to their employees. Some are early Christmas Party celebration before December 20 to attend family gatherings.

During December, consumers enjoy a visit to shopping malls and wholesale stores. That is why many “tingi-tingi” stores open on the sidewalk, and more food stalls sprouting beside the sidewalk.

With this outbreak coronavirus, business owners expect their sales to drop. The consumers faced job loss and skeletal workforce. People are afraid to go outside the home, and lack ATM machine in a nearby residential place. The micro-business owners got affected because they cannot open stall on the sidewalk.

How the business beginner boost seasonal sales in a new normal?

Remember, educate yourself is the most important in leveling up to grow your business.

boost seasonal sales

Read the business news.

To boost seasonal sales is to read business news. As a business owner, your responsibility is to read business from magazines or watch in the business section. It is to know the upcoming trend of the consumers.

In a new normal, almost business goals from SME to multinational corporations changed. To update the possible future outlook, you have to read often the business news.

Strategy: Sell online and E-Commerce for brick and mortar business

Suppose you sell customize pillows within your community. You are happy about your profit. A few years ago, you read in a business news section that online selling is a new wave. Because you want to be part of the upcoming new trend, you buy a website and start an e-commerce site. It is also your strategy to boost seasonal sales. When you shifted to a digital platform, you are already building branding online.

My blogging helps me to know the new wave of the business. It started in the year 2016 that many aggressive SME business owners sell online. That is the reason for writing is my passion, and love to spread the word for free, so I decided to monetize it. 

After five years, I have my own paid website. Last September, I started to find a client for my freelancing. I create a business plan for my different digital business. These are my strategy to boost seasonal sales.

Know your competitors.

Boost seasonal sales, know your competitor’s strategy.

Are you selling RTW clothes in a brick and mortar business? Look around your competitors. Find out what are their business style to win customers.

Are their products the same as your selling? If that so, how will you compete to capture the hearts of the consumer. They are buying clothes for their Christmas party.

So you have to plan, know your competitors if they sell. You need not copy.

The purpose is to know if your strength is their weakness and vice versa. That is the healthy competition you will get.

Strategy: Give a discount for bulk order.

I remembered when I had a small retail business. I had a competitor in front of my store. As a beginner, I read the possible ways of how to boost seasonal sales. Then only to found out that even we have the same business, but different target markets. For the holidays, I give a discount for bulk order. Like in liquor, because this is demanding during the holiday season. 


Every product and service has its features to help boost seasonal sales.

You have a 2-year business in selling customized pillows. The reason why you hit target sales is you visit your customers with excellent client service. You are starting to create a strategy for incoming holiday sales when the coronavirus outbreak last March. For over six months of lockdown and start again, it would not work out anymore.

Strategy: Giveaways and thank-you letter

Giveaways and thank-you letter to feel your customers will come back to you. Sincere gratitude in chat messenger helps you also boost seasonal sales.

Update the Latest Trend in a New Normal

I am sure Filipinos loved to shop at Lazada and Shoppee. It is the latest trend that consumers visit. E-commerce is in demand today. It is expecting to boost seasonal sales this Christmas. The seller shifts from posting products to live to sell.

If you are in direct selling, you can innovate by additional selling online. You can create an account in Shoppee and Lazada.

If your first time to add posting your products online, create a Facebook fan page. You can tell your loyal customers that you open online selling. Give free items for the first ten people to tag their FB friends and share it.

Strategy: Give your customers free items if they review your products.

Consistent posting your products on a social media platform is one way to help you boost seasonal sales.

Tell your friends or your families if they willing to tag them in your selling products. Another way, you can tell your customers to give a review in exchange for a free item.

Improve Quality Products/Services.

Buying quality but very affordable prices for the product is what the consumers wanted. An Affordable and excellent service is another consumer’s taste to boost seasonal sales.

Many big companies are giving a slashed price this incoming seasonal sale. Together with influencers and celebrities, promote their products to attract more customers to increase their sales.

For sellers, a lot of them complaining that the customers should understand that the raw materials and labor costs are higher than customers’ expectations.

Strategy: Quality at affordable prices.

Before I become serious about blogging, I am looking for a client who gives my service a fee that is according to my capabilities. My mentor said, when you do the consultation business, free advice is good marketing to get customers. As of this writing, I am creating my project for my possible client, and I expected that numerous clients give me the lowest rate.

If you are improving the quality, give what customers need. Be sure to plan with a specific time to ensure your business profit will not get hurt.


This November, a lot of businesses creating a marketing strategy to boost seasonal sales. It never goes out of giving free items for loyal customers, gives a discount for bulk orders, and slash sales.

For a beginner, it is challenging because of this new normal situation with limited resources and fewer customers because of this pandemic outbreak.

As consumer shifts from face to face to digital business, the online selling and e-commerce is now in demand.

You have to be aware the business communities, locally, and globally to compete with them.

Social media platforms are a medium marketing strategy that you need to study to boost seasonal sales.

Remind yourself that even you are selling as your side hustle, you have to act like an entrepreneur. Know your customer’s needs.

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