Why Sales Tax Compliance For E-commerce Companies Can Be Confusing or difficult this 2021.

sales tax

Did you know? Do you have to file sales tax for your online business?

As Covid-19 is arising worldwide, consumers cannot go outside, so you shift selling goods online.

For every product, a tax was including once the buyer buys in retail. It is called a sales tax. Because you are charging it to your customers, prepare and file it to submit on time. Then you remit the taxes collected back in the state. Then it is called sales tax compliance.

For e-commerce companies, it is confusing and difficult to understand because of changed laws. This is true for beginners. Below are the reasons encountered by them.

Sell the online goods in different states.

Take the example you have a physical store in Los Angeles. Your typical business flow is your loyal customers, and walk-in enters your store to buy your goods. You deliver for customers living within your nearby store.  

So you charge sales tax to your customers according to the tax rules of Los Angeles. It is simple as that. Suppose you have an online business and accepting delivery in different parts of the United States. 

Remember that every state has its own set of rules and regulations in matters of charging sales tax. It is getting more complicated if your online business is in Los Angeles, then your customer living in New York that orders your goods and delivers them to her mother and sister in Hawaii and Florida, respectively.

Do you think every state should charge a sales tax on your customers?

Sales Tax Nexus and Economic Nexus Law.

Because more e-commerce companies sell in different states, you must know their Sales Tax Nexus law.

Sales Tax Nexus is a connection in a state that you need to comply with the sales tax law and collect it to your buyers then remit it back to the state.

Under the sales tax nexus, the online sellers are required to:

  • Register as a seller in each state who has a sales tax nexus.
  • Collect the right amount of tax to buyers.
  • File the document and remit tax on time.

In June 2018, The Supreme Court ruling to favor South Dakota vs. Wayfair that every state can create an economic nexus law and its threshold.

For example, In the California threshold, in every excess sale for $500,000, the E-commerce company should collect sales tax to buyers in the state. While in Hawaii, sales of $100,000 or 200 transactions. 

Today, there are more than 40 states that create the economic nexus law. In creating it, the seller should include the physical store, inventory, affiliates, and digital such as dropshipping.

With the different economic nexus laws and thresholds, the e-commerce companies might be confusing and difficult to negotiate the buyers for the additional sales tax.

If you are selling online products, you have to follow their economic nexus law. If not, you will face penalties in the long run.  

Sells in various platforms to increase sales.

Different target market makes you as a seller find ways to satisfy your services and come back again. Using the various platforms is easy what you think. But because of different tax sales from states is a bit of confusion. 

If you are new in business, the e-commerce company sells its products on platforms like eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Instagram, and Facebook.

Because many start a business online, every state creates the market facilitator law enacted last 2019.

 What is a market facilitator means? It is a negotiation between the e-commerce business owner and the market seller to sell products in a marketplace for consideration. Under the law, the market seller can collect the tax and remit it in the state.  

The market sellers can process the payment services, list the products on sales, the storage, and setting prices to buyers.  

How does accounting service help to ease the burden from sales tax?

As your online selling is expanding, expect you to have additional filing and remit in various states. Compliance is your priority as tax season is coming.  

If you do not consolidate data all over your channel, you will be wasting your time calculating manually.

And last, because of changes in sales tax compliance, if you do not know how to prepare it, you might lose your money because of under-calculating sales.

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Unhappy with your job? Becoming an Entrepreneur and Achieve Financial Independent Fast

becoming an entrepreneur

Some regular employees dream in becoming an entrepreneur to retire early. 

At present, many in corporate jobs shift into freelancers because of suffocating traffic, can take care of their children, and political working issues.

Another reason that working in a stressful environment gets sick and results from being unhappy with your job.

It does not mean you have to resign today because of your reasons and start a business without a business plan. 

That is why I created my blog site because it is not easy. And you are losing more and earning less because of indecisiveness. 

What’s inside my content?

  • Understanding that becoming an entrepreneur is not getting rich
  • Difference between financial stability and financial independence

Take a deep breath for a while and give space for learning.  

Becoming an Entrepreneur and achieving Financial Independence.

Getting rich is not your dream but having a comfortable life is your achievement. And that is a simple living together with your loved ones.

To conclude, being financially independent is your dream goal. You did not know it because even if you live a simple life, you need to have enough cash to pay your daily expenses. So you have to get up early in the morning to work and go home late.  

Start a business today and becoming an entrepreneur is not the result of getting rich. Because you can achieve your financial stability quickly and be financially independent in a few years. A financially independent you can live a simple life without worrying about your expenses and forcing you to work hard.

For active earners who wanted to live beyond a comfortable life, create a long-term goal to monitor your progress. 

Creating a Financial Goal is like you know of where you are right now. 

Just like 20 years ago, a minimum wage is enough to sustain your daily expenses. You do not believe in retirement because you have a pension (SSS) you receive. Fast forward, with the high rise innovation due to advanced technology, you’re on the list of termination. You have few remains to retire, and the sad part is you get more than ¼ of your retirement salary because your company declares bankruptcy. With no goals for yourself and finances, your savings in the bank becomes thin.   

Looking for another side gig is impossible, and if you set a positive mindset, you can achieve it.

Financial Stable versus Financial Independent? 

A regular job gives you financial stability but becoming an entrepreneur gives you both security and independence.

The ability to pay your bills, basic needs, wants, and everyday expenses are proof you are financially stable. Your regular job alone that stays for years is the guarantee to become financially stable.  

To be financially secure, you have to work hard and everyday go to work. If you miss it, your finances will get affected.

Pay the bills coming from your freelancing, small business, and investment are now financially independent.  

You still have a regular job, but you do not have to worry if your company is in bankruptcy because you have other income that will replace your fixed salary.  

Pros of Becoming an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is important in the country’s economy.  

The entrepreneurs pay taxes, give employment to the unemployed, and help enthusiastic people to build their own business.

When your small business keeps growing and turns into a big corporation, you can build a foundation to help the community. You help from the individual going to your country.  

Becoming an entrepreneur gives you confidence, boosts self-reliance and pride for yourself and your family. You have a name or brand to tell everyone that makes your own and on top.

Becoming an entrepreneur keeps your financial security. Closed to give enough cash leads to paying debts, insurances, and emergency funds.

You receive your fixed salary every 15th and 30th of the month. If you wanted to buy basic needs but your salary enough for your everyday expenses, a credit card is your savior. You wait every 15th and 30th month to pay with interest charges.

While if you have a small business, you have an alternative solution, to borrow money from your business. The advantage you will not get additional charges but be sure to keep recording to track your cash flow.

And lastly, becoming an entrepreneur is “Your empire, Your rules”.

Cons of Becoming an Entrepreneur

If there is an advantage to venture into business, definitely expect the worst.  

The greatest fear is losing money. Fear hinders you tin becoming your desired goal achieve it.

Another con of becoming an entrepreneur is it is all your responsibility. Yes, you can distribute the workload by hiring a suitable employee with the benefits and salary. But it is your responsibility when everything goes wrong. So to avoid this, you must prepare the rules and regulations for your business. It will protect everyone, especially your business keeps going and growing.

Tips for enthusiastic Entrepreneur.

Today, more small businesses could no longer operate. Of course, some stay afloat and maintain sales despite the challenges. 

If you want to succeed in business, the following are helpful tips and becoming an entrepreneur successful.

>>Embrace changes, and that is digital transformation.  

Customers are always changing their preference of taste. Every generation has its distinctive characteristics that you cannot push the same with you. Learn to accept it, innovate, find ways of how to satisfy customers.

The reason why the business fails today because of cannot accept to change into digitization.  


Even as new startups, always update your business skills. As your customers change, you have to update the latest trend by improving personality developments, and attend courses.  


Becoming an entrepreneur does not mean focusing on your business. Always read a blog, news, and anything opinions that might help in your businesses.


This is very important for becoming an entrepreneur. If you are in a side business, be like a real entrepreneur. And that is to follow the traits of a true entrepreneur.  

The traits of an entrepreneur are the characters that molded you into a real businessman. See my traits of an entrepreneur blog site.



Becoming an entrepreneur is more than your skill and your knowledge. Engaging in business takes a lot to do with your mindset. A practical. Research more on entrepreneur mindset  

Start with a Side Business

Becoming an entrepreneur is challenging, and it takes long years to achieve your desired profit.

If you have a regular job, you can start a side business.

Way back in years, people look for extra income after work. They are in buy and sell (trading), join the direct selling, and freelancing.  

The professionals like CPA, accountant, lawyer, licensed financial planner, consultant, and doctor, do the freelancing. They can choose whatever they want, or it depends on the availability of their clients.

Today, a lot of side business ideas you can start at home. It is because of digital, and the reason more small business owners choose to hire employees online.  

If not yet established your finances, like saving money for emergencies and protection, look for additional income. Engage in a side business.

Be Financially Independent by Starting a Business.

The content above is about becoming an entrepreneur and differentiate between financially stable and financially independent.

Below are your guidelines to achieve financial independence while doing business.

Separate your cash from a business cash

Even still working a regular job, are confident to borrow money from your business. That is the side of having a business.

You may get a loan from a credit company. A good record in your business results in being capable of approving it.  

Always put on your mind to separate your cash from the business. I have content the importance you need to separate the two.  

In my content, I write that it is good to borrow money from your business especially when your active income is enough for minimum wage. Be sure to always track it by recording the transactions. This way, it is easy for you to find out about cash shortages. 

Cash flow statement.

It is very important for doing business. Cash is king, and for this, you need to track and monitor the cash flow.  

You can do the budgeting plan first, and the result, prepare a Cash Flow Statement. 

To understand better cash, read my contents, and absolutely, this will give you clear insight and start creating now.

READ MORE : Basic cash Flow

Marketing: your target market

More sales mean more cash. If you know how to budget in business, it will surely a positive cash deposit in your bank.

If you have more cash from sales, a big chance to grow. So you have the confidence to buy insurance, invest in a mutual fund, or purchase a building and lot and turn it into another passive income.

So how to increase your sales? Know your market. You will write a marketing plan which includes your target market and it’s preference. On becoming an entrepreneur, knows how to sell and technique to achieve your marketing plan.

Goals: Business goal and Personal Goal

To achieve your financial independence fast, you have to create your goals, for yourself and your business. 

It is different from one another because, in your business goals, you must include your exit strategy especially when your plans did not work out.  

Find your mentor for your business and personal.

Hire a business consultant to help achieve your business goals. To manage your personal finance, look for a licensed financial planner to help you to start financial planning.   

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6 ways to earn money in a blog using WordPress site

Do you have a website and you are looking at how to earn money in a blog?

Blogging on starting a digital business, you learn how to create your website. You can also create an SEO-friendly both for your blog and images to add traffic views.

Hello, I am Eileen, and thank you for visiting my blog site. I create content for active earners who like to start a side hustle, and soon you can be an entrepreneur too! For details, click my business profile.

Retire early is the goal for everyone. You can achieve it fast by starting a business. For people writing on their blog site and finally monetize as their side hustle career. If you are zero experience, no worry because study your future business results in less cost and mistakes.

Below are possible ways to earn money in a blog. If you are excited, read my content below, and yes! email me if you have questions for FREE! sending me feedback is much appreciated! Enjoy your reading!

earn money in a blog

Ways to earn money in a blog

There are many ways to monetize your blog and earn bucks soon. If you do not have a website, you can start by purchase a domain and web hosting. You can create either on your platform or a self-hosted platform. So I recommend WordPress for it is a friendly website suitable for bloggers.

If you have no time to create, let me help you because I offer WordPress Website Development. You can link here.

For those who have a laptop and Wi-Fi, you can work at home.

If you have published content now, you can start to make money because
You have a portfolio for your prospective clients. That is why it has the advantage to buy a website and start earning money.


To earn money in a blog is simple and easy to achieve if you have these top four things in your strategy.

Consistent Writing:
You start blogging for several reasons. Of course, your love and passion are the main reason why.

Let me remind you to succeed in a blog is regularly publish your post on a website. Four published posts in a month are ideal for engaging an audience.

While you are monetizing your blog, you have to discipline yourself to write every day. Because if you are inactive, then one of your followers will eventually lose interest and unfollow you.

Always improve your skills.

Improve your writing skill, communication skill, and keep updated with your network. With the vast changing customer’s taste because of technology, you have to keep observe.

Increase Followers
Earn money in a blog, you have to build your followers from social media platforms.

Create your Business Strategy
In digital business, you have always changed your strategy because of now and then, changes in the environment that you cannot control. So you have to prepare a blogging business plan and strategize.

#1 Google Adsense

✓Google Adsense is an advertising program that was launched in 2003 by Google.

✓It is the fastest and easiest way to earn money in a blog.

✓Signing up for Adsense is free.

✓Google charges advertisers per ad click. The Publishers get 68% of the click amount.

How to earn money in Adsense?

What do you think it easy to earn in Google Adsense? Below are the reasons:

✓There are two ways you can earn money on your blog. The cost per click and the CPM.

How will differentiate from the two?

✓Cost Per Click – it is the amount you earn every time the visitors click the ad.

✓CPM stands for “cost per 1000 impressions.” For 1,000 impressions, you can earn $1 to $1.5. So if you have 50,000 views per day, you can earn $50.

How will it work together?

Google AdSense displays their ads on your blog.

If your visitors read your content and see ads display, then called a CPM. For 1,000 views on your page in a day, you will receive at least $1. If they click your advertisement, then you can earn called Cost per Click (CPC).

✓It is requisite to get a large volume of views to increase the traffic on your blog site.

✓If you are starting to create blogs, earn money in Adsense, they recommend at least 30 published posts.

How to gain traffic?
You have to love the topic you are writing about. That is why
know your niche to understand the readers of your blog, and they keep coming back.

Create more content on your blog site. If you have a Youtube account and earn money, then create more video content. Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google will optimize your content to the first rank.

You have a determination to reach your desired views to earn according to your financial goal.

#2 Content Writing Service

Another way to earn money in a blog is by offering a content writing service.

Most of the freelance writers belong in this category.
If you are blogging and looking for a side hustle, be a freelance writer.

How to start?

Your published blog is your portfolio.

If you are writing 800 words, make it a 2000-word count so that your prospective client will impress your portfolio.

Some freelancers work according to their scheduled time, and sometimes on the client’s time.

You can also create a project and look for a client who wants a project basis. Same with freelancers have flexible schedules. The difference, you can set a date to begin and to finish.

Writing skill is your foundation. Sometimes your client asks to write three articles in a day.

How much rate?

According to Philippine Writer’s Guild, for a new writer, a P1.00/word. If you have 2,000 words to submit, then you have earnings of P2,000. I saw on other groups that some clients offer a $4/hour. That depends on the client who gives you the task.

Where to look for a client?

Many freelance platforms you can apply to like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and Onlinejobs.ph. You can also look at JobStreet, and other social media platforms and one of them is Linkedin and Facebook.

Types of Content Writing Service

There are various content writing services you will offer to a client. The first thing you can do is to find your skill and target audience.

Content Writer

Copy Writer

Article Writer


Technical Writer

Social Media Content Writer

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#3 Digital Products

You can earn money in a blog by selling digital products.

Digital Products is a product that you can sell online without a physical store. From software, ebooks, photography, and online courses.

If you love taking photos or photography by profession, you can sell them on your blog site.

Some freelance writers write ebooks. If you are a beginner and interested in writing an E-book, you can do it. There is no harm in trying.

If you are a savvy techie in creating apps or software, you can do it also.

If one of your friends are selling their products, you can tell them. It’s up to you and your partner how much the commission you will get.

If you love teaching, you can create online courses based on your niche.

How much charge to rate? It depends on the outcome of your products. Even if you are new to digital products, the result appreciates the client you can charge according to your skill.

Like in the physical store, you need a marketing strategy and know your market.

Why is it important to buy a website?

Why do you need a website for selling products and write a blog?
It could help increase your traffic views on your website. Aside from your web content, a visitor also visits your website to purchase your products. If you sign up in AdSense, the additional income stream you received.

#4 Affiliate Marketing

If you love selling products of the company or person, it is another way to earn money in a blog.

You can be a publisher or an advertiser. For a stater, start as a publisher.

In affiliate marketing, you are a publisher who promotes the company’s products. You can also sell products to other individual people. If you make a sales, you can earn a commission between you and the advertiser.

In a digital world, you as an affiliate marketer is a salesperson. You are a brand affiliate of their products.

An affiliate marketer can sell unlimited products to different companies and the individual person.

How to become an affiliate marketer?

If you have a website and a niche, the first thing to do is study how to succeed in affiliate marketing.

Learn as a publisher and advertiser

Look for products that are similar to your blog. For example, you are a business blogger, and you can sell accounting software like FreshBooks.

Before you sell it, just like an entrepreneur, you should know the products you are selling. This way, you can promote it to your clients.

Join an affiliate program. Not an affiliate program is the same. Some are strict rules before they approve your website. Study well of what affiliate program you join. I join Shareasale and CJ affiliates company.

Your high-quality content to succeed in affiliate marketing. You have also consistently posted your blog at least once a week in long form-content.

Things to become an affiliate marketer.

The fact that it is difficult to sell. You have your business strategy to earn a commission.

Just like in other salespeople, as an affiliate, you need consistently promote your affiliate links in your social media accounts, website, and to your clients who badly need it.

#7 Coaching/ Consulting Services

Love to teach people by talking in front of them?

If you have guts in coaching, how to succeed in a blog, you can be the one.

It is not limited to bloggers only.

Some coaches prefer to own a youtube and two social media pages for engagement and sell their services. It depends on your goals, mission, skills, and your time on how to manage it.

How to start your coaching service?

Extensive working experience has a significant chance to start your consulting services.

You are building your team.

A freelance writer wanted to teach me how to start a blog.

An agent in financial services.

A training officer, a manager, or even an accountant can start a coaching service on their blog site.

Things to consider before starting coaching:

Like other jobs, a coaching career needs time and effort to succeed.

You have selling skills, accounting skills, and administrative skills to make your business flow smoothly and well managed.

If you love talking to people but hate to sell, you will not achieve why you started.

Always improve your personal growth and attend advanced courses for the latest trend to update your skills.

Personal branding because it dictates your content. It shows who listeners listen to your coaching. If you are a training officer, start making a personal branding before side hustle.

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10 effective ways to save money for starting a business.

effective ways to save money

Are you looking for effective ways to save money so you can start a business right away?

The good news! You can start today with no capital. If you are a late bloomer and eager to start a business, chances are your mindset is all about saving money because of the overhead costs, labor costs, and you rent a building as your physical store. For the millennials, staying at home can generate income with the use of computers.

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7 Freelance Writing Service for a side hustle to achieve financial freedom

freelance writing service

Freelance Writing Service is a type of service in which you offer your writing skills to the company or individual.

If you are posting your blogs for years, you can start to monetize them by being a freelance writer.

Freelance Writer making their own schedule or according to your client’s availability. This will depend on your agreement and contracts.

Hello, I’m Eileen, and I am a content creator behind the LenSorongon.com

The topic that I will share with you is how to be a freelance writer.

How the blog site help you in a Freelance Content Writing

LenSorongon.com helps active earners to achieve financial independence by starting a business. And that is to retire early. You can be a side hustle, but it is challenging because of your time.  

Today, I will give you the six ways freelance writing services you can offer to the client. It includes how to start, skills needed, where to look for a client.

A reminder, educate yourself first is the ultimate guide to succeed. If you want a guide, let me help you. For now, enjoy reading first, and your feedback ❤️ is much appreciated. 

Freelance Writing has a broad array from your opinion going to professional writing.

If you are unsure of what freelance content writing you are interested in, let’s take first your inner self. This will clear your thoughts and avoid problems.

What’s the niche?

Do you have a bachelor’s degree?

Area of expertise you have today?

Are you a business-minded person?

Do you love selling products or services?

Are you enjoying convince people to buy your products?

If you answer this question, then you know what freelance content writing you want to offer.

For example, I answer the question above:

I graduated bachelor’s degree major in Management Accounting. My passion is finance, and I have background experience in the retail business. 

  I exposed the introduction of digital business by selling online products, blog, and create FB content for business and finance.  

Today, I back to employment, and my passion for writing is still in my heart. With my experience, I decided to help active earners like me to retire early and making wealth by starting a business.

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#1. Freelance Blogging

Today, most writers start blogging. A person who does not have a bachelor’s degree in journalism but loves to write. If you plan as your side hustle, this freelance writing service you fit with it!. This is for you, and I love to hear your comments. 😍

To start, write what’s on your mind and write a 500-word every week and consistent posting until you achieve it. It may be your lifestyle, food, travel, today’s mantra, or your emotions.

If you are making a blog and looking for money, I have a helpful published post.  

#2. Online Freelance Writer

This is a wide array of freelance writing services. You can write anything whatever clients want to do. Food, culture, finance, and information technology.

Today, with technology advancement, business owners turn to online business and so work remotely opportunity booming. The reason why they shift to write online.

An online writer who writes to informs, and educates the reader. He writes a long content form to engage the audience and get a volume of traffic views.


Another freelance content writing you can offer to a client is to be a copywriter.

A copywriter is the one who turned traffic views into leads. He has a persuasion skill to persuade the target audience result of purchase the products.

How the digital works in online business?  

A brick-and-mortar business owner wanted to increase sales thru online orders. He hired a freelance writer to write about his business, and introduce the product. A blogger makes a product review, while a copywriter, research his product and sell it on his website.  

It is in the form of Ads, Sales letters, Social media, and email campaigns.  

If you are interested and be a copywriter, look for a client who wanted to grow his business. It is either a one-time project, monthly, or a scheduled of six months project.

freelance writing service

#4. Technical Writer  

Another freelance writing service you will interest in is to be a technical writer.

Most of this in technical content writing service is a professional writer.  

They communicate through writing to understand the complex information.  

From the word, technical, these writers are on the programming and software from complex features break into easy guides.  

Most of the writers have a background in a bachelor’s degree. Today, more technical writers are not in their specialization field as long as they have strong writing, communication skills.

Not only in IT service, but also this technical writer found in Finance, Electronics, Robotics, Chemistry, Aeronautics, and Medical.

What does the Technical Writer do?

Develop Documents

User Manual


Some common types of content they create:

Social Media Posts

Press release

Web Pages

What are the skills needed before Freelance Writing Service?

Writing Skill

You have exemplary to write in the company or in the individual business owner.

Consistent writing and free from grammatical errors and sentences are the skills of a writer. If it is your first time writing, I used a powerful tool like Grammarly and Hemmingway App.  

Proofread and editing you need to consider. Tone, and format style which according to your clients 

For an online freelance writer, different writing styles for your different clients. 

Research Skill

A writer has research skills to get the right result for a target audience.

If you are a copywriter, you need complete research of your products you want to promote and sell.  

If you want to be a technical writer, this is your first step. Because you have to research the specialization topic and turn it into valuable content for a non-technical audience.

As a blogger, you still need to research from reliable sources because you have to prove your blogging based on facts with your personal opinion. If you love to write about traveling, a response like your images, ticket, and yourself in the photo. Many bloggers who used watermark on their photo to minimize stealing in the net.

#5. Marketing skill

If you want your writing skill and your passion for money, you have to market yourself to clients.

Honestly, this is my challenge but does not mean I give up.  

In a freelance writing service, you have to write good content and sell your products or service with confidence to yourself.

To give a heads up to your prospective client, consistently improving your writing skill and manage your time well.

In freelance writing service:

  • focus on selling to the target audience
  • Find your target audience 
  • know your products/service you are selling
  • deliver it to your audience

Even you are interested to be a professional writer, you still have to sell and find your market. Everyone freelance writing service is not exempted.  

The more you engage your audience, the higher volume of traffic views in which results in google optimizing your content, earn money in google Adsense, and joined in other multiple income streams.

#6. Digital Skill

Business owners shift in online business to widen their customers. Many freelances are work remotely to reduce costs and expenses.  

Same with the writer, you need to add to your skill to keep updated in the digital world like tools, apps, software, and google document used by the client.  


The skills above apply to all freelance writing services. The following skills are needed from other freelance writing which is not the same from some.

Persuasive skill –

As a freelance copywriter, you need a persuasive skill. This is to persuade your target audience to purchase your products. 

If you own a website and making money, regardless of your writing specialization, you have a persuasive skill to sell your products or services.

Technical Skill

For some big companies, they hire a technical writer with extensive technical job experience. Financial Analyst and Business Analyst are the samples

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8 Things in starting a Blog and make money quick.

Do you have writing skill to start a blog and make money soon?

Absolutely! You can achieve it quickly.  

What is a blog?  It is your published post that you give a specific topic in which you are interested in writing. 

It is likely in personal form and most of your content related to your personal experience (diary, journal).

If you become a professional writer someday, blogging is your first step.

In my blogging journey, I love teaching people on how to be financial independent fast by starting a business. That is why I am writing about how to start a business and personal finance. 

If you have a passion and skill in writing, then create a blog, and include it in your list this 2021. 

It is also suitable for regular jobs by starting a side hustle. Why? starting a blog and make money quick gives me a flexible time be in the my breaktime or after work.

For those who start blogging, not only writing skills, but you need to think and act like an entrepreneur. If you are thinking of earnings without passion for writing, then you will not succeed.  It is because blogging is a type of service to help your readers solve their problems.  Be in a conversational, on opinion, in depth-research, or interviews with people. 

It also delivers with emotion, which depends on your topic. 

Let’s take an example: you write a blog about debt. Your mission is to tell your reader that it is not good to borrow money in unnecessary things.   Then list the negative impact, so it will discourage the readers borrow money.

How to start your Passionate blog and make money quickly?

I will give you the eight things you can do and follow them seriously.  

  • Know yourself –

To start your blog and make money quick is to know yourself.

I give you the five top things to know yourself first before creating the website.

Change your mindset into entrepreneurial thinking. You can do it by studying your personality, values to influence people, and your compassion to work. 

It also includes your niche, time plan,  blog goals, skills, and entrepreneur’s mindset.  

blog and make money

#1. Find your Niche in a blog

The basic step to start a blog and make money quick is to find your niche.

Niche is a specific topic you write in your blog with good writing skills and blog to make money quick.

Let’s say your friend encourages you to write a blog and earn a buck in a short period.  In your paper, you write what you love most:

You love to write about motivation, the food, and travel places. You love taking care of your child and gets excited to spread the word.  And also enthusiastic to write about your work, and the company. 

These are your blogs and excited to write. Because you have various interests, the result is you do not have a clear mission of why you write a blog.  

Finding your niche is the first step to question yourself why you create the blog.  Honestly, it is a challenging part for a blogger because reader have different problems they face that are not the same in your writing. 

Here is my blogging journey until I find my niche:

I love to write and it is my stress reliever. Every time I had business experience, I write on my WordPress site.

I also write the saving tips and budgeting for entrepreneurs in which based on my experience.

For five years of writing about business, and finance  I am happy and enjoy writing.  That is why lensorongon.com is born.

Who is my target audience?  From the keyword business and finance. I finally get a specific topic and that is “How to achieve financial independence fast by starting a business.”

2. Create a Time Plan for your blog and stick to it.

Below are the suggestions why necessary to create a time plan in starting a blog and make money

*To start a blog and make money quickly, you need to create a time plan.

*Plan of when to write and how often to publish your post. 

*Consistent posts to your website helps updated for your readers.

*Do not write when you feel it.  Your discipline, read, research, brainstorm your blog strategy, and create impressive content.

*Earning money in blogging takes time, and I can attest to it because this is my experience right now. 

How to create a time plan?

Write your blog goals.  Give a specific time of when to start and end your blog strategy.  Assess if you achieve your blog goal.

Be specific about your goals for a year and divide them into quarterly and monthly.

Write your theme for a month. Make theme as your main topic for a month.  Sample: this month, my theme is teaching a beginner on how to start a business. In next month, an entrepreneurs’ saving and budgeting tips before starting a business.

#3.  Write your blog goals.

Write your blog goals helps to give direction. 

To start with, use your SMART acronym.

SPECIFIC to your topic

Suppose you are starting a blog like how to start a business for beginners.

Since you are passion to write about agriculture and tourism business,

You can teach the readers on “How to start an agri-tourism business in the Philippines.”  The target markets are travel agencies, the resort owners, or the business farmers.


Giving a specific topic with a time frame helps to track your progress and get motivated.   

Sample: I will write a post on how to save an emergency fund for online entrepreneurs for the entire month.  To achieve the average 1,5000-word long-form-content, I will start by consistently writing at least 500 words every week.

From the sample above, you will create a 30-day blog plan about the said topic and track it weekly if you reach the 500-word.   When you see that you can do over 700-word, then you can change your blog goal next month until you achieve the long-form content. 

ATTAINABLE to achieve

Make sure your strategy is realistic and attain your blog to achieve it.

One of my published post, give comments and gained followers, excited to buy a website and earn from it.  Good thing it did not happen, or else I encountered a wrong business move.


Creating your blog should be relevant to your specific topic, vision, and mission.  It is because it informs the reader and keeps coming back to your blog.  As a result, it will eventually increase your views and turn into earnings.  


You need a target date for your blog so that you know your priority list and focus first on necessary things.  Create a long term to short term before writing the blog goal.    

#4. Skills

Another thing to consider in starting a blog and make money quick is to develop the blogging skill.

 Good writing is the first and most important skill because you often write a blog.  It is helpful for beginners who have limited resources. 

You have communication skills in starting a blog. Not only you do the research, but also you have to communicate well with the person who will benefit from your blog.

In starting a blog, you have a connection on your same interest for collaboration or someone mentoring you, and these people help you increase your views, and they guide you on how to succeed in your chosen field.  

Monetize your blog by sharing your content on different social media platforms.  For a beginner like you, be a social media manager on your blog site.  Consistent blog pos is part of social media strategists.    There are other apps to help you consistently share your various accounts. To get more clicks, write an awesome clickable to your audience.  How? Write it with a question.  Most of the time, graphics are a big help to click your post.  Another is to get their emotion by using emotional words.  

There are more skills you have to learn and develop.    For me, these four skills are essential in starting a blog and make money quickly.

#5 Entrepreneur’s Mindset

After you have to know your personality and your blog goals with the right skill, change your way of thinking like an entrepreneur. This is how to start a blog and make money.

It is challenging to combine with your passion because you love what you write, and at the same time, you have to find ways to increase views to earn.

It was in May 2020 I started to monetize it.  As I go along in my journey, I ask myself, is this right for me?  I need to earn for my side hustle.  On the other hand, I love to write, but I hate to polish my blog.  

With the help of my coach, she corrects my blog goals and the right mindset.  I still doubt my reason why I started this, but I know in time, it will be easy to make money quickly.

  • WEBSITE –  There are some small and mid-size businesses decided to shift selling products online and hire a freelancer. 

It is your chance to sell yourself as a blogger or put up a marketing agency and bid your projects to the clients.

You can create your portfolio on other referral sites such as your social media pages, medium, or your Pinterest.  

If you have a physical store versus direct selling, the latter is still a great advantage.  You have the same marketing strategy to increase your sales.  Why?  When you have a store, the walk-in customers will visit and see your products.  

Same with when you buy the website.  Your advantage is the more increase the views to your website. And also, the great chance extra income you will receive.  

#6 Buy a Domain and Web Hosting

Website has a great advantage for starting your blog and make money quickly.

  • Earn multiple income streams and fewer expenses.
  • You can start alone while increasing your blog views and growing your followers.
  • You can hire a freelancer to grow your blogging business.

Benefits of owning a blog site

You can use it as your portfolio.  Either as a freelancer or looking for a full-time online.

For 1,000 traffic views, you can earn as high as $5.

You can be a brand ambassador of other products which is inline with your blog post. 

You can earn various income such as affiliate marketing, product reviews, selling e-books, and coaching.

The website composes of the domain and web hosting, and platform.

The domain is your URL address and will be the first that reader look at it.  It also represents how your content can be on your webs.  

Take the example of my blog, lensorongon.com.  Well, it is my name, and it will represent my brand towards my blog site.  I bought my domain on Namecheap worth $8.88 for one year. 

On the other hand, Web Hosting is the body of the website.  A host in which store, and protect your files inside the website.  I purchased my web hosting on the interserver.net

#7 Choose your platform

I am writing my first blog on a Free Website: WordPress.

I also tried another platform like Blogger, Weebly, and Wix. Today I am stick to the favorite platform, the WordPress.

When I started a blog and make money, I purchased my domain and the web hosting to help my post rank in Google by the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The platform is the foundation of the website. There are different types of website platforms with unique uses for different customer’s preferences. That is why no comparison for all the platforms. You only have to know what you are selling, branding, and networking before buy the website.

According to Matthew J. Bellwood ( TMCnet.com Types of Website Platforms), he lists the different platforms and how it will benefit for your website.

  • WordPress – it is everybody’s favorite and for me, a good platform for starting a blog. They have also a self-hosted WordPress.org in which you can buy domain and webhosting outside their site. The advantage of you as blogger is you can start to introduce products from other people. You alone set up or hire a blogger who accepts the service as a WordPress Development. So you showcase not only your experience but improve of digital skill who needs your service.
  • Wix – is another website platform who use for personal touch. Not only as a blog, you can create an online store.
  • Weebly – is easy to use this platform that you can add new feautures without hassle.


#8 Find your mentor

The last but not the least is find the mentor to help your blog and make money quick. I can attest that because based on my experience, I achieve my desired blog business in less than a year. I started to earn money with the google adsense and I find a client in freelancing platform like Freelancer.

Just like in other business, they hire a consultant to give advise on how to grow their business. Same with your blog business, the mentor helps you to find your branding and how to succeed without a doubt. That is why I am thankful for her because I am here today and continue to pursue my business.

<𝐿𝑒𝓃 𝒮𝑜𝓇𝑜𝓃𝑔𝑜𝓃>

Hello, I’m Eileen, and thank you for visit my blog site. I hope you enjoy to read my content and I love feedback ❤️.

You can email me: lensorongon2021@gmail.com for anything question, concerns of how will I help you to address your financial status while looking for side hustle.

For more details, you can click my business profile.

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How to budget in the New Normal. Tips for beginner Side Hustle.


Creating a budget in a new normal differs from your older ones. This is true for a beginner side hustle, who instantly shifts from the online platform.

When you are starting, the transportation cost and your load for calls to your networks. Today, you have to include your internet load and prepare a separate saving for your laptop. This new normal introduces to us technology advancement, and that is on an online platform. If you love to write in a magazine, so you have to prepare yourself to write an e-newsletter (electronic newsletter) and submit to them in an email account.

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5 Strategies to Boost Seasonal Sales in a New Normal

How to boost seasonal sales

It’s November, and business owners prepared a strategy of how to boost seasonal sales. For Filipinos, the holiday starts every September. So you expect to hear those Christmas songs everywhere.

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, 55% of Filipinos shop in December, and 24% in November (Rappler, news). As you expect in the second week of December, many companies give a bonus to their employees. Some are early Christmas Party celebration before December 20 to attend family gatherings.

During December, consumers enjoy a visit to shopping malls and wholesale stores. That is why many “tingi-tingi” stores open on the sidewalk, and more food stalls sprouting beside the sidewalk.

With this outbreak coronavirus, business owners expect their sales to drop. The consumers faced job loss and skeletal workforce. People are afraid to go outside the home, and lack ATM machine in a nearby residential place. The micro-business owners got affected because they cannot open stall on the sidewalk.

How the business beginner boost seasonal sales in a new normal?

Remember, educate yourself is the most important in leveling up to grow your business.

boost seasonal sales

Read the business news.

To boost seasonal sales is to read business news. As a business owner, your responsibility is to read business from magazines or watch in the business section. It is to know the upcoming trend of the consumers.

In a new normal, almost business goals from SME to multinational corporations changed. To update the possible future outlook, you have to read often the business news.

Strategy: Sell online and E-Commerce for brick and mortar business

Suppose you sell customize pillows within your community. You are happy about your profit. A few years ago, you read in a business news section that online selling is a new wave. Because you want to be part of the upcoming new trend, you buy a website and start an e-commerce site. It is also your strategy to boost seasonal sales. When you shifted to a digital platform, you are already building branding online.

My blogging helps me to know the new wave of the business. It started in the year 2016 that many aggressive SME business owners sell online. That is the reason for writing is my passion, and love to spread the word for free, so I decided to monetize it. 

After five years, I have my own paid website. Last September, I started to find a client for my freelancing. I create a business plan for my different digital business. These are my strategy to boost seasonal sales.

Know your competitors.

Boost seasonal sales, know your competitor’s strategy.

Are you selling RTW clothes in a brick and mortar business? Look around your competitors. Find out what are their business style to win customers.

Are their products the same as your selling? If that so, how will you compete to capture the hearts of the consumer. They are buying clothes for their Christmas party.

So you have to plan, know your competitors if they sell. You need not copy.

The purpose is to know if your strength is their weakness and vice versa. That is the healthy competition you will get.

Strategy: Give a discount for bulk order.

I remembered when I had a small retail business. I had a competitor in front of my store. As a beginner, I read the possible ways of how to boost seasonal sales. Then only to found out that even we have the same business, but different target markets. For the holidays, I give a discount for bulk order. Like in liquor, because this is demanding during the holiday season. 


Every product and service has its features to help boost seasonal sales.

You have a 2-year business in selling customized pillows. The reason why you hit target sales is you visit your customers with excellent client service. You are starting to create a strategy for incoming holiday sales when the coronavirus outbreak last March. For over six months of lockdown and start again, it would not work out anymore.

Strategy: Giveaways and thank-you letter

Giveaways and thank-you letter to feel your customers will come back to you. Sincere gratitude in chat messenger helps you also boost seasonal sales.

Update the Latest Trend in a New Normal

I am sure Filipinos loved to shop at Lazada and Shoppee. It is the latest trend that consumers visit. E-commerce is in demand today. It is expecting to boost seasonal sales this Christmas. The seller shifts from posting products to live to sell.

If you are in direct selling, you can innovate by additional selling online. You can create an account in Shoppee and Lazada.

If your first time to add posting your products online, create a Facebook fan page. You can tell your loyal customers that you open online selling. Give free items for the first ten people to tag their FB friends and share it.

Strategy: Give your customers free items if they review your products.

Consistent posting your products on a social media platform is one way to help you boost seasonal sales.

Tell your friends or your families if they willing to tag them in your selling products. Another way, you can tell your customers to give a review in exchange for a free item.

Improve Quality Products/Services.

Buying quality but very affordable prices for the product is what the consumers wanted. An Affordable and excellent service is another consumer’s taste to boost seasonal sales.

Many big companies are giving a slashed price this incoming seasonal sale. Together with influencers and celebrities, promote their products to attract more customers to increase their sales.

For sellers, a lot of them complaining that the customers should understand that the raw materials and labor costs are higher than customers’ expectations.

Strategy: Quality at affordable prices.

Before I become serious about blogging, I am looking for a client who gives my service a fee that is according to my capabilities. My mentor said, when you do the consultation business, free advice is good marketing to get customers. As of this writing, I am creating my project for my possible client, and I expected that numerous clients give me the lowest rate.

If you are improving the quality, give what customers need. Be sure to plan with a specific time to ensure your business profit will not get hurt.


This November, a lot of businesses creating a marketing strategy to boost seasonal sales. It never goes out of giving free items for loyal customers, gives a discount for bulk orders, and slash sales.

For a beginner, it is challenging because of this new normal situation with limited resources and fewer customers because of this pandemic outbreak.

As consumer shifts from face to face to digital business, the online selling and e-commerce is now in demand.

You have to be aware the business communities, locally, and globally to compete with them.

Social media platforms are a medium marketing strategy that you need to study to boost seasonal sales.

Remind yourself that even you are selling as your side hustle, you have to act like an entrepreneur. Know your customer’s needs.

<𝐿𝑒𝓃 𝒮𝑜𝓇𝑜𝓃𝑔𝑜𝓃>

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The entrepreneur has 6 best traits to get become successful

traits of an entrepreneur

With the digital, the regular employee gets online training and shift as a freelancer. The main reason is, he can manage his own time and can achieve a financial reward.

What does it take to become an entrepreneur and make a standout to everyone’s freelancer?

An entrepreneur oversees his business from the operation, administrative work, and management roles. He can work in flexible time and can travel everywhere because of his staffs doing his business. He has a positive mind to get the project easy, but he has a setback he needs to improve his skills and his characters. The difference is freelancer belongs to a self-employed category.

The following are the best traits to get become successful.

Traits of an Entrepreneur


One of the best traits of an entrepreneur is you have a passion for managing your business. If you are freelancing or starting to sell your products, remember to put your heart at work.

I love to write. I am happy to express my opinions thru writing. It is my passion, and I am creating a strategy on how to earn money in blogging.

How will you know your passion? Interested differs from the latter. If you like to write, but you do not have time, then you only have an interest but do not have a passion for it. It is you are happy doing despite your lack of resources. Even you exhaust from work, but you take time to write, and it helps you to recharge from stress. You are enjoying even someone against it.

In the long run, they feel your positive vibe, and soon you will flatter the outpouring blessing will come to you.

Have you been wondering your product will be phenomenal? Well, it is possible to achieve it and focus on your vision.

I see myself that I will put a training school in 20 years, and next year I will get a master’s degree.

Vision your business to succeed is one trait of an entrepreneur. It will give positive energy that will result in satisfied customers.


Do you notice your loyal client finds some freelancers to help their small business? We have faced a pandemic today. How you handle when you have a limited income because your client also faced a recession?

In this challenging time, of course, you have emotions, and you will eventually feel despair and disappointment. If you have a motivation to move forward, then you have the best trait of an entrepreneur.

Keep on motivating yourself in trying times, a good indicator your business will succeed in the future. That is the essential one of the traits of an entrepreneur.

How will you find motivation? Some start freelancing because they want to spend their children.

In my experience, after I worked, I have to write a blog. Today, this pandemic gives me a reason not to go out and not enough money to spend. To be productive, I write in my blog every day. All work feels I got burnout and wanted to give up. To motivate me is I entertain myself to stalk for my favorite jinbin love team. I am excited if son ye jin pregnant or it just a rumor. To regain my motivation, I have to go back to my reason why? Then I will reread my blog business plan. That way, it will refresh my mind and think of myself to claim it.


Determination is a trait of an entrepreneur that you willing to push your dreams.

Your children are your motivation why you work as a freelancer. So you have a determination to get hired. Same when you expand your business, you are determined to get a big client to receive a huge commission.

Risk Tolerance

Your level of determination tells if you really willing to take risks or be conservative but surely will succeed.

Your motivation tells of your risk tolerance.

The part is your action speaks louder than words.

You are determined to take risks and accept the challenge, but once you encountered storms, you are afraid.

One of the traits of an entrepreneur is to know your tolerance level.
It is ok if you have a high level of risk. The higher level of risk, the higher chance you will succeed in a short time. Also, you can lose.

Some entrepreneur is afraid to take a risk. So they are conservative risk tolerance. For them, as long as gaining profit.

Some entrepreneurs are willing to take risks. Of course, they will see if they willing to take a loss or maintain it. It is called a calculated risk.


It is challenging to grow and maintain a business because you have accountability and responsibility to your properties, customers, and your staff. The best trait of an entrepreneur is having the self-confidence to face business difficulties.

When you have confidence in yourself, it is easier to handle and embrace challenges.

How to develop your self-confidence?

  • Look at yourself ten years from now. Are you want to be the CEO of your business? You can start your freelancing work.
  • When someone criticizes you, either you don’t mind them or keep distant from them.
  • Before you decide and promote your brand, know the consequences. Both for the positive and negative views. Know the possibilities of negativity as constructive criticism and opinion of your loved ones.
  • You cannot do alone. Either your family supports you or criticize you. It is best to have a mentor, a coach, or make new friends who have the same principles as you. You will be pleased, and your heart full of positivity that will grow your self-confidence.


You cannot escape the problems. You cannot run if your business goes wrong. What you can do is to embrace the challenge. And that is flexible in your actions.

If there is a problem, change to Plan B. Accept it and move forward.

If your freelancing service is affected by the pandemic, then it is time to see your trait of flexibility.

Popular Domains for just 99 Cents at Namecheap!


Freelancing belongs to the self-employed category. You have a flexible schedule but you have still work hours to finish. To get success, you should follow the traits of an entrepreneur. You can use on your personal, employed, and your freelancing.

There are Six best Traits of an Entrepreneur. Passion is the root of all because, without it, all your hardships will not work. Develop your motivation, determination to succeed, and willingness to take a risk or be conservative in action. You have to be flexible because business is like gambling. Be sure to boost your self-confidence because this will your ticket going to the top.

If you are planning to be self-employed before getting into business, train yourself to follow these 6 best traits of an entrepreneur.

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Traits of Successful Entrepreneur – Sarath CP (medium)

Entrepreneur Traits – monster.com

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